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Dental Hygienists

Our amazing hygienists have a combined of over 75 years of dental experience. They are pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding your oral health and help you keep your teeth for life!

At UC Smiles Dentistry, our team of dental hygienists stands as a testament to excellence in oral healthcare. With a collective experience exceeding 75 years, our dedicated professionals bring a wealth of expertise and commitment to every patient’s oral hygiene journey. Passionate about preserving and enhancing your smile, our hygienists are not just adept professionals but also caring individuals eager to assist you in achieving optimal oral health.

Our exceptional team of hygienists serves as invaluable resources for our patients, offering a wealth of knowledge and guidance. They warmly welcome any inquiries regarding oral care routines, preventive measures, or concerns about maintaining a healthy smile. Their extensive expertise empowers them to provide personalized advice and comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring that each patient receives the utmost attention and care.

At UC Smiles, we prioritize not only treatment but also education. Our hygienists are dedicated to empowering patients with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions about their oral health. They strive to create a supportive environment where patients feel comfortable discussing their concerns and receiving guidance on maintaining their teeth for a lifetime.

Beyond their technical proficiency, our hygienists embody compassion and understanding. They recognize that each patient is unique and may have specific challenges or anxieties about dental care. With a gentle approach and empathetic demeanor, they aim to alleviate any apprehensions, fostering a relaxed and positive experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Moreover, our hygienists work hand-in-hand with our esteemed dental professionals to ensure a seamless and holistic approach to oral wellness. Collaborating closely, they contribute their specialized knowledge to create comprehensive treatment plans that prioritize both immediate needs and long-term oral health goals.

At UC Smiles Dentistry, our team of hygienists is committed to not only providing exceptional care but also building lasting relationships with our patients. Their dedication, experience, and genuine passion for oral health underscore our commitment to helping you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for life. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference our exceptional hygienists can make in your oral healthcare journey.